Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Jack Daniels Typography

Following up the G&T sketch I did a few weeks back and having a bit of free time to draw something up I decided to take some influence from a typeface I had come across this week. It wasn't an actual typeface as such but a custom piece of type I had seen and loved. So loosely taking that as a basis I developed this drawing into this. It was only really the 'J' that I took the inspiration from, making up the other letters to suit as I went. Later on the J itself evolved from the original inspiration piece. I love the contrast of line weights used in French didot style typefaces, so that has obviously been a large influence on this piece combined with a few other influences such as the broadway/circus style detailing.

Here's a few of my working progress shots and the final piece. Please feel free to comment on this and all my other works. I love to hear what people think.


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