Thursday, 24 January 2013

Anchors & ampersands

Wow, so December and January have come and gone almost quicker than I could say 'anchorsand'. What have I been up to? Well first off here's a few sketches I was working on. A little personal project that sprung to mind and something that I will be returning to when I have more time. Anchors and ampersands..... And the resulting 'Anchorsand' idea.

I've also been reworking my business card, having never been fully satisfied with the initial implementation. Having tweaked the concept and spent a long time looking at different card stocks and finishes, I've sent it off to the printers and can't wait to get it back! Watch this space.

This week I've started drawing up a new project that I've been commissioned to do. It's a large piece and I'm excited to be working on it having had it in the pipeline for a while. I won't reveal any details as yet, so please check back. Blogpost to follow on this.

Anyway here's my anchor, and ampersand sketches I wanted to share.


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