Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cultpens - Penorama banner

Here's the web banner I worked up last month for Cultpens Penorama newsletter. I have to say I was chuffed when I received an email from the great people at Cultpens asking me to do a piece for them as a guest artist. As a customer of theirs I couldn't have been more happy to draw a bespoke banner, and quickly set about drawing up some ideas.

The project evolved quite quickly and the final composition became clear after I decided to cut back and simplify the idea that was forming in my mind. I dropped a few renderings of the 'Penorama' type to simplify and strengthen the feel of the wallpaper/patterned banner I had envisaged.

I'd like to thank the friendly staff at Cultpens for the opportunity to collaborate with them and for the overwhelming response they gave to the banner. Please check them out at and view the online newsletter Here


  1. Your penmanship is amazing. Well done on the Penorama banner for Cult Pens.


  2. Fab work dear! This is amazing x

  3. This is absolutely brilliant work you have done here.Thanks for sharing these beautiful banner designs here. I love to see it and decide to share with my designer friends so they can also get some idea from that....